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Iron Mask: Diabolica

Iron Mask’s 'Diabolica' is familiar yet new, reminiscent of old metal family yet an introduction to new members, and a throwback, yet a progression all at once. It opens with the galloping, fast paced “I Don’t Forget I Don’t Forgive,” featuring dio-esque vocals performed by band newcomer Diego Valdez, and foreshadows what lies ahead on the rest of the album. 'Diabolica' is the sixth album release from Iron Mask, and dropped on October 14, 2016 which features newcomers to the ensemble. For those who crave something to quench a thirst for the powerful melodic, and even operatic void that Ronnie James Dio left behind, this is definitely in the same vain. Iron Mask is a band who puts emphasis on the blistering busy and technical fretwork that band leader and guitar player Dushan Petrossi masters throughout their catalogue. That said, vocalist Diego Valdez brings incredibly powerful vocals to this album, and creates a very intense dynamic between the vocals and guitar work.

'Diabolica' features tracks about Galileo, Oliver Twist, and a good ol’ fashioned anthem about how much we all love metal on “All For Metal,” that is oddly satisfying for those who grew up hearing 70’s and 80’s metal bands write their odes to the genre. For those who enjoy incredibly melodic metal, can enjoy historical references, and neo-classical inspired song structure— or even just one of those pieces of the mixed-bag puzzle that is Iron Mask, 'Diabolica' is one hundred percent worth checking out. This album is a great jumping-in point for those who may not be familiar with Iron Mask, or even Dushan Petrossi’s other band, Magic Kingdom. Again, this album features impressive guitar work, powerful Dio-like vocals, and is just a down-right fun listen. Petrossi and crew do a great job of providing heart-pounding/fist pumping fast paced tracks, as well as powerful “ballad” tracks, that still manage to retain an epic quality.

Check out 'Diabolica' – now available, and for more reviews, previews, and live performance coverage, visit us at Alive N’ Loud.

IRON MASK - I Don't Forget, I Don't Forgive (2016)

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