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Interview: Them Evils

This past Saturday, we had the chance to sit down with up-and-coming rock n' roll outfit, Them Evils. Currently, they are on tour in support of The Pretty Reckless where they've done a bang up job of opening the show each and every night.

Check out our interview for more on Them Evils, including the bands origins and influences.

These guys were a ton of fun to meet, but also especially entertaining to see live. We look forward to covering a future show again very soon!

Shortly, we will be posting a full photo set and review of the show, also including The Pretty Reckless and the Holy White Hounds.

In the meantime, check out Them Evils' current releases here:


1. Bleed

2. She Got Nothin'

3. Untold

4. Put Your Love On Me

5. Long Way to the Top (AC/DC cover)

6. Get You Out

7. Have One on Me

8. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)

Interview - Them Evils: Niagara Falls, NY November 19th, 2016

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