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Bedlem Release "Triumph" Single

Triumph NOW available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

Paul Wandtke has proven himself to be quite resilient. Immediately after publicly confirming his time with Trivium had finished, he announced this next project with his old Chicago-area bandmates, Bedlem. For those of us that had the chance to see Paul's energy live on stage over the past year as he toured on some of the worlds biggest stages, it's a great pleasure to see him back at it again so quickly. Check out their new song, 'Triumph' here. We wish Paul and the rest of Bedlem the very best. BEDLEM’s debut song Triumph featuring Paul Wandtke (Trivium's former touring powerhouse); now available! Here’s your free copy of Triumph as promised! (We will take down the free download link within 48 hrs) We ask you to please share and watch our lyric video for ‘Triumph’ after downloading your free copy TRIUMPH “LYRIC VIDEO” or simply visit our homepage WORDS FROM PAUL WANDTKE Bedlem’s song ‘Triumph’ is now available! I’m so passionate about songwriting that I really wanted to share this song as our debut because it’s a song about overcoming obstacles in life; no matter what the costs! I got my hands and feet wet in the songwriting process for this song as I contributed the vocal melodies, rearrangement/revision of the lyrics, the chorus guitar riff and the drums (obviously). I hope you dig our new song and join me in this new journey! Special thanks to everyone that was involved in Triumph including but not limited to Jennifer Langille (contributing the second verse lyrics), Brian Wandtke for the designs, and BEDLEM; Joey Brassal, Mike Petrasek, Brian Ahern." LOVE - P Wandtke Thanks so much for signing up for our newsletter- BEDLEM

Bedlem - Triumph [Lyric Video]

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