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Live Sin: Follow Me

For anyone that followed the up-and-coming Swedish metal outfit Sister Sin, it was a huge shock when they parted ways in late 2015 following a hugely successful run on the Mayhem Festival in the US that summer. A band that seemed right on the verge of breaking out was suddenly gone. Perhaps the demise of Sister Sin is best told as a cautionary tale, about how difficult it can be for aspiring musicians to balance a regular living and their musical aspirations. Regardless, we find ourselves here on the verge of Liv "Sin" Jagrell's new project, aptly titled Liv Sin.

If you missed Liv's incredible vocal style, it's back with a vengeance. If you've been longing for an aggressive album from start to finish, you'll find that here, too. The only element of Sister Sin that's really missing here is the bombastic, almost 80's sound that came from the rhythm section. There are a few elements of that here, no doubt, but this album is a much more straight ahead rocker.

Stand out tracks include the first single "Let Me Out," "Godless Utopia" and "Emperor of Chaos." In truth, this album is meant to be swallowed whole. Definitely check it out and support one of the hardest working talents in modern metal.

Full Press Release:

From the gutters of south Sweden, Liv ”Sin” Jagrell emerged as a major force as the vocalist for hard rockers Sister Sin. Throughout their thirteen year career, Sister Sin sold thousands of albums and toured the world with high profile acts including the likes of Slayer and King Diamond on the Rockstar Mayhem festival tour, as well as being a part of the Revolver magazine ”Hottest Chicks in Metal” tour, amongst others. Sister Sin toured relentlessly for over a decade across Europe and North America garnering an intensely loyal following of rockers that craved the band’s aggressive and melodic brand of hard rock. When Sister Sin called it quits at the end of 2015, Liv knew that she had much more to give to her fans. From this, LIV SIN was born. Liv searched the Swedish landscape for a new band that could help her create a new collection of songs that show the power, sexiness, and attitude that Liv is known for. Liv says: "For me, it has never been an option to stop singing. I live for the stage and for my fans. I still miss Sister Sin, but I am very excited to work on my own project, and I can promise it will not be some soft pop rock. This is going to be metal deluxe, because that's who I am!" LIV SIN offers a modernized metal sound designed to take Liv into her next phase, a sound that is destined to please both new fans and her longtime fans of Sister Sin "Combine the old school heavy metal with elements from trash and black metal but with a more updated sound and you have LIV SIN," the frontwoman says. For the recording of Follow Me LIV teamed up with Fitty Weinhold (UDO) and Stefan Kaufmann ( Ex Accept, ex UDO) who are well known in the metal scene and as Liv quotes: "Stefan brought out more intense metal in me then i ever could imagine" and continues," These guys have been in the business and in this music for so long, so their experience really brought out the essence of our songs, for the better." With Follow Me, you get LIV at her absolute strongest. The second the heart pounding "The Fall" kicks in you know that LIV and company are aiming straight for your head with this new release, while "Hypocrite" just reduces you to a puddle on the floor. The anthemic "Let Me Out" Is the album's first single, and Liv says " the main riff on the song was one of the first riffs my guitar player Patrick sent to me, and I immediately knew i found my riffmaster! This was what I've been looking for. And then after that he sent me the ideas for "The Fall" and it was like he was reading my mind; heavy, trashy, intense - exactly what I was looking for." Regarding "Immortal Sin" Liv says: " Stefan and I are both Halford fans and during the recording we had a YouTube evening with only Halford songs, and we came across the song " Immortal Sin" from the band Fight, (Rob's post Judas Priest band) and we both love the riff. Stefan suggested that I do a cover of it so we tried it out the next day but I felt that something was missing, maybe another voice. And the song is perfect for a deep lower voice, so I called up my friend Jyrki from The 69 Eyes and asked him if he was interested, and the rest is history as they say!" The album's closer, "The Beast inside" is one of the more unusual songs on the album. LIV relates: "This one is very personal and I really wanted emotions to be shown, so the song is a bit built up as a fight or a war. It starts on the very bottom, but in the end the power to survive is winning.” The sultry Swede is back to take a second shot in a game where a first chance is seemingly next to impossible to get these days. And as she puts it: “I’m just here to get back on a stage and get the new music out to the fans. It’s that simple.”

Liv Sin - Let Me Out (Official Music Video)

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