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Bayside Returns to the Town Ballroom

We recently caught Bayside’s stop at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo,NY on this spring's

Vacancy Tour. This was the band’s first show at the venue since 2005; when I was

first introduced to them.

At the time, they performed a stripped down acoustic set, opening for then label-mates Aiden, Silverstein, and Hawthorne Heights. I was hooked from the first time I heard them that night. Even scaled back to two

members, there was just something about them that made them stand out from the other bands of the genre.

12 years later and after multiple times seeing them, Bayside remains one of the most solid live sets I’ve seen. They know what their fans want to hear, and have no problem carrying a show and keeping the crowd’s

attention, start to finish. Even newer songs, off their latest album 'Vacancy,' received huge reactions as if they’d been played for years.

Opening up show was Reggie and The Full Effect, and Say Anything, two bands that

brought their own crowds of loyal fans.

Bayside - May 9th, 2017: Buffalo, New York

Say Anything - May 9th, 2017: Buffalo, New York

Reggie And the Full Effect - May 9th, 2017: Buffalo, New York

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