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Alter Bridge - Orlando, Florida

Black Friday kicked off the last leg of Alter Bride’s “The Last Hero” tour. Joined by guests, All That Remains and Sons of Texas, the trio of bands gave Orlando residents a rock show to truly remember. While some people enjoyed the day after Thanksgiving shopping, Orlando’s metal heads marched upon Downtown Disney’s House of Blues.

Things kicked off with the Sons of Texas while the venue was still filling in. For only being on the scene for a few years now, these guys commanded the stage like veterans. While watching their opening set, one could definitely hear that southern metal feel. The first thing that came to mind with this band was Pantera. The sounds were eerily similar minus the legendary sound of Dimebag Darrell. Lead vocalist Mark Morales had that Phil Anselmo rasp to his voice that is sure to keep these guys going for some time.

By the time All That Remains took the stage, the standing room only show was packed from the front to the very back. Opening their set with “The Last Time” and “Madness,” the band wasted no time getting into things. Lead singer Phil Labonte, could have taken the night off with all of help from the Orlando crowd. The House of Blues was practically a big karaoke night and that only fed more energy into the guys in All That Remains. The band seemed to be on and off stage in a blink of an eye. There was no wasting time between songs with speeches, solos and other delays bands may throw into their show. Songs like “Six” and “Two Weeks,” are ones that can be played even faster than they are on the records and get even better somehow.

For as good as Sons of Texas and All That Remains were, from the opening note of Alter Bride’s set, things were at a whole new level. Coming out onto a dark stage, Mark Tremonti emerged each time the bright strobes hit his face. Right from the start, these guys were just into it 200%. For a band that has been on the road for a long stretch now, they’re showing no signs of fatigue. The night for Alter Bridge consisted of a whopping 19 song set that included songs throughout their entire career. For the show being part of “The Last Hero Tour”, the band surprisingly only played 3 songs from their latest studio release The Last Hero. Even though the setlist wasn’t heavy on new material, it was put together extremely well. Over half the set consisted of tracks from Blackbird and Fortress, which are definitely fan favorite albums. Songs like “Come To Life,” “Addicted To Pain,” and “ Cry Of Achilles” are just some of the tracks the show started off with. Casual Alter Bridge fans who may not know their entire catalog like their diehard fans would have been surprised to here some of those songs so early in the night. As the show went on, Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti continued to show off their ridiculous guitar skills. Those two could win guitar duo every single year if they were allowed to. The magic that happens when those two are paired together is like no other. Drummer, Scott Phillips and bassist, Brian Marshall are no slouches either. The drumming and low end in songs like “Isolation” and “Metalingus” are perfect examples of what these guys can do as a unit. The night ended with a dueling guitar solo by Mark and Myles and “Rise Today.” The band left everything they had that night on stage and the crowd surely thanked them for it.

Alter Bridge Setlist:

The Writing on the Wall

Come to Life

Farther Than the Sun

Addicted to Pain

Ghost of Days Gone By

Cry of Achilles

Ties That Bind

Crows on a Wire

Waters Rising

Watch Over You

In Loving Memory





Open Your Eyes

Show Me a Leader

Dueling Guitar Solo with Mark and Myles

Rise Today

Photo Gallery - All photos © Mark McGauley Photography

Alter Bridge: "Cradle To The Grave​"

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