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Sonic Temple - Hardwired For A Colossal Year

Danny Wimmer Presents has created the buzz of the century around his festival circuit for 2020. Announcing what is sure to be the largest one yet. Headlining Day one and three will be Metallica! That’s right, no need to adjust your eyes. Metallica will headline two nights at Sonic Temple at Mapfre Stadium with Slipknot headlining day two! This is the proverbial top of the kick ass iceberg that’s to be experienced this year. With over 50+ artists and experiences like food and drink spots, there will even be insane art and guest speakers to keep everyone entertained in between all of the weekends key moments. As we take a deeper look into what you can expect to happen this year, we will discuss our top bands we are most excited about and all the information you need to make the most of your experience in Columbus Ohio!

So how do you fill three days with excitement at the world's fastest growing festival? I’m glad you asked! You bring in the sickest lineup anyone’s ever seen. Bands such as Deftones, Metallica, Royal Blood, Ice Nine Kills, Staind, Anthrax, Knocked Loose, Alter Bridge, The Pretty Reckless, The Hu, Bring Me The Horizon and much much more! That’s how it’s done. Let’s take a deeper look at our top 5 artists were most excited to watch this year as we see what the bands have been up to and what we can expect from their 2020 appearance at Sonic Temple!

Bands To Watch

After releasing Walk The Sky just this past few months, Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall are hitting the road with force! The band have just recently finished a few tours with bands like Skillet, Sevendust and Shinedown here in the United States and overseas. Giving them time to play the new tunes live for the mass fans. This isn’t a band that is new to the festival circuit and it shows. Alter Bridge puts on one of the most exciting and intrinsic live shows you can see. The band has been cultivating a following for years and the Alter Bridge fans are more than that. They’re an army. An army that knows each word and each note to the music. This will be quite the spectacle this May so don’t miss out on another kick ass show from Orlando’s own Alter Bridge.

Pictured Above: Alter Bridge's Brian Marshall, Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti at Rock on the Range 2017

The Deftones have been rather quiet for some time. And anytime a band of this magnitude is quiet for so long, you can be certain they’re cooking something special. After releasing information that they’ve been hard at work on finishing a new album, the band are already making appearances at some festivals, touting their recent efforts and even teasing us with talks of the new material. The Deftones have never been ones to shy away from hard crunching music and you can be sure that this go around at Sonic Temple 2020, it will be no different. Maybe we will get a taste of the new music. The only way to find out is to come out and prepare yourself to see the band live firsthand!

Hailing from West Sussex, Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher have been annihilating the airwaves over the past 9 years with some of rock's most memorable songs. But what sets this band apart from all the rest? This two piece band is full of raw energy and the charisma that tends not to be packaged into a smaller band lineup. However, Royal Blood infuses it’s crunchy and hard hitting sounds into each album and performance just fine with only two members. In fact, Thatcher and Kerr have this insane chemistry that cannot be replicated and the way that this band performs live is unlike anything the industry has ever seen. Many fans have been quoted by saying that they tend to watch all the live performances over anything on Netflix. We can’t blame you there. Royal Blood will have you Hook, Line and Sinker as they look to play a massive set at this year's Sonic Temple Festival!

No strangers to the festival circuit themselves, England’s own, Bring Me The Horizon are embarking on a massive festival run this year. With the success of their recent record Amo, Bring Me The Horizon also have released an ep titled Music To Listen To~Dance To~Blaze To~Pray To~Feed To~Feed To~Sleep To~Talk To~Grind To~Trip To~Breathe To~Help To~Hurt To~Scroll To~Roll To~Love To~Hate To~Learn To~Plot To~Play To~Be Too~Feel To~Breed To~Sweat To~Dream To~Hide To~Live To~Die To~Go To. With a long title like that, do you really expect anything less than revolutionary from the guys? Your answer should be no. Not to mention the hit Ludens, from the video game Death Stranding, which features the band’s heaviest breakdown in a while that is sure to be on repeat. Now imagine all of this packed into a gritty and heavy set in Columbus Ohio. Look no further than Mapfre Stadium at Sonic Temple in May.

One thing is for sure, when we say Metallica, this is a band that needs no introduction. Metallica has a career spanning multiple decades with no signs of slowing down. The band's last record Hardwired, To Self Destruct, have been lighting the charts on Fire the last couple years and much like their passion for writing, the band are embarking on a massive festival run of their own with Danny Wimmer. Playing two nights each festival. No, your eyes aren’t messed up, but your ears might be after this year’s Sonic Temple. Metallica will be headlining Friday night and Sunday night. Now we know that we’ve mentioned them playing each Danny Wimmer festival, however we think you really want to come to this one for reasons mentioned above and those that can only be experienced firsthand. This year’s Sonic Temple is one not to be missed. Do you really want to be that person who has to hear about it or hear it!

Pictured Above: Metallica's James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich in Quebec City, 2013.

Listen ladies and gentlemen, we shouldn’t have to tell you where the biggest party of 2020 is, that has already been done. With all of the buzz around Sonic Temple Art and Music Festival, you should know that not only will there be the best lineup money can buy (literally) but also some of the finest crafted brews and bourbons and the best gourmet food in the city. Sonic Temple will have you talking to your friends and family and the family dog about how you didn’t want it to end. If you made the decision to buy your tickets and get your camping or hotel paid up so you can come to the most exciting and well put-together festival lineup we’ve ever seen, then you have earned bragging rights and purchased the best thing since Metallica’s first album. Be sure to get familiar with all of the artists playing this year, make a playlist, catch up on YouTube with your favorite band and binge all the music videos your mind can handle and empty your mind for what’s to come May 15th-17th. Don’t make us say we told you so!

Sonic Temple Festival 2020 Announcement

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