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Caskets Unleash Powerful New Video For "The Only Ones"

Leeds based band Caskets have done it again! Releasing their newest single and video for their song "The Only Ones." We spoke to the band just recently about this and they were not kidding around when they said it would be heavy, but the weight of a song goes deeper in meaning than calling it a “heavy” song. The depths that an artist will dive for material these days can be quite personal. For our friends in Caskets, this was definitely the case. A visceral and emotionally driven song has been procured for fans to hear and we have it for you right here at Alive N’ Loud Magazine.

Also don’t forget to check out Caskets’ episode with Brandon on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify!

Preorder the band's debut album Lost Souls on various formats now from:

Frontman Matt Flood comments on the new single: “’Lost in Echoes’ is about feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Feeling worthless. It's about how covering up how you feel can actually make you slip further and further into losing yourself. It's a lesson about how ignoring your feelings can only make things worse.

The news follows the release of the band's previous single “Glass Heart,” their first in partnership with SharpTone Records, which was released back in December.

Watch the video for 'Glass Heart' here:

Caskets are:

Matt Flood - Vocals

Benji Wilson - Guitar

Craig Robinson - Guitar

Chris McIntosh - Bass

James Lazenby – Drums

For More Information, please visit:

Lost Souls Tracklist:

1. The Only Ones

2. Glass Heart

3. Hold Me Now

4. Lost in Echoes

5. Clarity

6. Hopes & Dreams

7. Drowned in Emotion

8. Lose Myself

9. The Final Say

10. One More Time

11. Nothing to Hide


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