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Cultus Black Release New Music Video “Burn“

Motionless In White, Nothing More and Slipknot. What do they all have in common? One might say their fiery passion for music and igniting the stage with blazing performances. I would have to agree. However if you’re looking for a band with all those elements, hard hitting lyrics and polarizing visuals along with heart pounding musicianship, look no further than Cultus Black! Keeping NuMetal and Deathcore alive, the members of Cultus Black are the real deal. 

Releasing their newest music video for their single “Burn”, Cultus Black comes out swinging. “Burn” was written during the pandemic and seemingly it reflects in the song well, not getting lost in translation, the band’s message is clear. The track’s release is officially out today! October 28th! Make sure to check out the video below and follow the band on all social media platforms. 

"Burn" Music Video

Meet The Band:

L – Messenger

H – guitar

T- guitar

E- Drums

Z- Percussion

M- Bass


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