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Interview: Any Given Sin

Since recently emerging on to the scene and the charts, the guys in Any Given Sin have taken us all on a wild ride and quite the trip it has been. From their release of "Insidious" all the way to their recent single "The Way I Say Goodbye," the band have been carefully and methodically showing us what they can do. Recently the band has signed their first record deal with Mascot Label Group. No small feat for any band looking to make waves in this industry.

With all eyes on them, we anxiously await the bands next move and single to see which direction and what path they’ll take us down this time. "The Way I Say Goodbye" has been spinning for a few months now and shows no signs of stopping as this song punches you right in the gut and doesn’t hold make or mince words. The gravitas and weight of this song seem to be much more meaningful in our current times than ever before.

Here at Alive N Loud Magazine, I have been very fortunate to have been granted access to many artists who shares similar vision for their bands success and this discussion with lead singer Vic Ritchie and Guitarist Mike Connor was no exception as they prove you can be a genuine souls and still rock the *BLEEP* out! Jokes aside, the boys in Any Given Sin were a real treat to talk to and get to know over the course of this interview and we look forward to their journey ahead in our industry!

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