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Interview: Crobot

Coming to you from Austin, Texas, Crobot. The mischievous powerhouse band that won’t stop pushing boundaries and themselves creatively. With ‘The Rat Child EP’ just recently released, vocalist Brandon Yeagley and the band decided to roll the proverbial dice and sit down with us here at Alive N’ Loud Magazine to discuss the new EP, live music returning and their return to the road, which seemed like an eternity. However, it gave the band some time to craft these songs and collaborate with some of today’s legends such as Howard Jones and create what we think will be one of this summer's most exciting and kick-ass records!

When asked about how the band was doing this is what they had to say:

Brandon: "How are you, what are you up to and it’s good to see you!"

Yeagley: "The live aspect of the band is definitely our bread and butter but you know on the other side of that coin, we just write and we write as much as we can, whenever we can."

Check out the full interview below:

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Make sure to check out Crobot's latest video for "Everyone Dies" below:


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