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Interview: Margarita Monet of Edge of Paradise

Edge of Paradise are poised to release their newest full-lengh album, 'The Unknown,' on September 17th and it is fantastic! If you haven't seen my full review of it, go check it out HERE

The band is clearly poised for big things with the build up to this release. They've got several videos out now and, as we discuss in the interview, several more in the pipeline. We discuss the writing of 'The Unknown,' and how the band handled their time-off during the pandemic, which hit just after the late 2019 release of 'Universe.'

Monet also dives into the origins of the band back in 2011, when she and guitarist Dave Bates met during a chance encounter in LA, which resulted in the foundation of Edge of Paradise.

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On what's in store on the upcoming album, 'The Unknown:'

Monet: "A very cinematic, dynamic, highly emotional album and it really rocks hard!"

On the upcoming 3rd single from 'The Unknown:'

Monet: "On July 30th, is the title track, 'The Unknown.' We were out in the desert, all by ourselves. The song is the most meangingful song to me and the video kind of embodies that mystery and also the power."

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Make sure you check out the newest videos from Edge of Paradise below, including "My Method Your Madness" and "Digital Paradise:" Also, be sure to check out their webstore to pre-order the album from Frontiers SRL HERE. You can also check out some really cool merch bundles from the band site HERE

Edge Of Paraside - "My Method Your Madness"

Edge Of Paradise - "Digital Paradise"


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