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Interview: Matt Flood and Benji Wilson from Caskets

Hailing from Leeds, United Kingdom, Caskets came blasting on to the scene seemingly overnight and began taking over the airwaves. Recently getting a lot of love from the likes of Sirius XM Octane, Caskets put their foot on the gas and haven’t let off. With a debut album on the horizon August 13th, we were fortunate to sit down on a zoom conference call with the bands members Benji Wilson (Guitars) and vocalist Matt Flood to see what they have in store for us this year as well as discussing the upcoming release of their record ‘Lost Souls’.

Here’s what the guys had to say about their upcoming record:

Brandon: What can we expect from the full record, what do you got planned for us?

Matt: there’s so much in there. Each song is from my own personal experience. It’s not a different emotion, but a part of me from time before, if you know what I mean? So I try to write about my own past and stuff like that. There’s a lot of emotion, a lot of love, hope, despair, abuse, stuff like that in there but it’s very atmospheric, very catchy, very big, very hooky, something that I’m most proud of; more than anything else I’ve ever done before in my life.

Benji: We created a sort of vessel for Matt’s vocal to kind of sit on top of, and to really let them shine. I think how we done it before is “here’s a full instrumental, Matt, go and sing over it! Whereas we really took it back this time and it was like well this needs a bit kore space and this bit needs to go big. There’s tons of dynamics in the album.

It seems as though so much consideration has went into creating a very heavy (in many ways) and atmospheric record from our friends in the UK. Be sure to watch the full episode right here:

Preorder the band's debut album Lost Souls on various formats now from:

Frontman Matt Flood comments on the new single: “’Lost in Echoes’ is about feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Feeling worthless. It's about how covering up how you feel can actually make you slip further and further into losing yourself. It's a lesson about how ignoring your feelings can only make things worse.

The news follows the release of the band's previous single “Glass Heart,” their first in partnership with SharpTone Records, which was released back in December.

Watch the video for 'Glass Heart' here:

Caskets are:

Matt Flood - Vocals

Benji Wilson - Guitar

Craig Robinson - Guitar

Chris McIntosh - Bass

James Lazenby – Drums

For More Information, please visit:

Lost Souls Tracklist:

1. The Only Ones

2. Glass Heart

3. Hold Me Now

4. Lost in Echoes

5. Clarity

6. Hopes & Dreams

7. Drowned in Emotion

8. Lose Myself

9. The Final Say

10. One More Time

11. Nothing to Hide


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