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Mammoth WVH Take Over Louisville With Colossal 1st Show Ever In The Bluegrass State

562 days. That’s how long it’s been since I have (at the time of writing this article) it has been since I have been at a live show, taking pictures and taking notes. 562 days. 562 days since I have had the “10 minutes 'til showtime butterflies." That’s how long it’s been since I have been among my people. The people who pay their hard earned money to buy gas, food and the coveted concert ticket to their first, first in while or last concert. The people at concerts are a special type of people. They’re my kind of people. So I’ll be opening this article up much more differently than normal by simply saying “I’ve missed you."

Driving to Louisville on this day, I knew I was in for something very special. I blasted the entire Mammoth WVH album front to back and got my voice ready to lose it again. Once checking in to the venue and getting my bearings it would be soon after that the smells of live music would hit my nose. I’m talking about the beers and cheap perfumes/cologne, the sweat and the excitement. It was all electric and all was the most unusually welcomed smell to date.

This show would be particularly momentous as Mammoth WVH would be the only band performing on this night and while you may be thinking to yourself “How’s that going to work?” I’ll reply with the biggest cliché retort, “You had to be there!" Wolf Van Halen is no stranger to the world of music and touring. A man that needs no introduction or background, Wolf has been hard at work writing, recording and meticulously preparing himself for a tour such as this. Currently out opening for Guns N Roses, the band decided to stop off for a one-night-only headline performance. What followed was so special and so unique that I will personally never have another experience like it in my career.

“What’s in a name?" This is a question I have found to be so poignant specifically for this very man here. Wolf Van Halen. All you need to know about this guy is that he is more than just his name. Everyone knows the name. Everyone knows his story. Or do you? Because Wolf is out here just getting started on writing his story. His legacy. Wolf also has enlisted the help of a collection of our industry's finest band members.

Pictured Above: Frank Sidoris and Wolf Van Halen

There is no way anyone could have anticipated how incredible a Mammoth WVH show would be, let alone how it would be having the momentum the band currently has. Even I was not ready for what would inevitably transpire here in Louisville. One-by-one, members of Mammoth took to the stage, lights hit and the band began playing their hit song “Don’t Back Down”. Right away I felt right at home and one with the gods of rock above, everyone in the building was seen smiling and throwing their hands up in the air and singing back to the band in what was one of the most beautiful moments I have recently acquired.

The show had no opener, it would be Mammoth WVH that was to play, and only them. Here’s why this is an important fact to note. The band is currently on the road in support of Guns N' Roses stadium tour as direct support for the rock veterans. To go from sold out stadiums opening for giants like G N' R to performing a show at a place like Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom, is most likely a big chance to take in many firsts as a band. First time headlining in Louisville being one of them. When it comes to live shows, making your very first appearance in such a big city like that and having a shift of gears from opening to headlining is quite the step.

As if they have played about 500 shows together, Mammoth had amazing stage chemistry. Playing off one another, smiling and melting the faces of each and every person in attendance. One thing is for sure, these guys are the real deal. One always wonders how a live performance will compare to the records a band produces. We now no longer have to wonder if Mammoth can deliver on that side of the spectrum. Live shows by Mammoth are exactly THAT. Colossally Mammoth.

With that said we were introduced to Wolf’s band mates. Jon Jourdan on guitars, Ronnie Ficarro on bass, Garrett Whitlock on drums and Frank Sidorisalso on guitar. The fans cheered as Wolf proudly introduced us to each one stating “how badass are these fuckin’ guys?" Lastly introducing himself “and I’m Wolf Van Halen, we are Mammoth and thanks so much for having me, it’s been an absolute blast to play for you all! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to say that out loud." The reaction from the Louisville crowd will be one I won’t forget.

The band closed the set out with the killer song “Stone” and there wasn’t a fan without a smile on their face as Mammoth played their asses off to a eager Louisville crowd. Once the lights went down we knew we had two more songs left as the band had left out two stand out songs from the record. We would be pleasantly correct when the band returned to stage and began playing the emotional song “Distance” which has become a song that everyone has welcomed and adapted into their lives to listen to when they want to feel the presence of a lost loved one who’s gone on before us. As the song says “no matter what the distance is, I will be with you”. A beautiful reminder of how we are tethered to our loved ones, even in death, they’ll be with us. “No matter what the distance is”. We witnessed something very special with that one. Mammoth would inevitably close their show with ”Epiphany” and we would all leave wanting more.

To Mammoth WVH, Wolf, Jon, Garrett, Ronnie and Frank, on behalf of someone who has missed live music and the feeling music gives to people’s soul and mind, THANK YOU gentlemen! Look for Mammoth WVH to continue to grow and reach new heights with each performance and record as I know they will. You can also check out the band on tour at a date below!

Set List:

Don’t back down

Horribly right


Mr Ed


Talk and walk

Think it over

You’re to Blame

BIg picture



You’ll be the one




Photo Gallery: All Photos by Brandon Hanks


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