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Steel Panther Bringing Their Tour to Stage AE

Steel Panther are once again bringing their unique brand of glam metal parody that only they can bring on tour, and their fans are here for it. If you've never heard of Steel Panther before, imagine the most colorful, spandex-clad, sarcastic and libido-driven group of fellas running onto the stage to melt your faces with their musical talents, singing songs filled with caricatures of what you'd think an 80s glam metal band might be thinking about. That'll set your expectations pretty close. For those of you who are already Steel Panther fans, this tour will bring more of what you love.

Not for the music fan that takes their lyrics too seriously, Steel Panther has a reputation for music that's never shied away from the single entendre or obscenity. If you go into a Steel Panther show understanding this, knowing no topic is off the table, and knowing that's the whole point, you can maybe have an easier time taking in the experience of the band. Listen to songs like "Weenie Ride", "Poontang Boomerang" and "F**k Myself Tonight" (all performed at Thursday's Stage AE show in Pittsburgh), and you'll have no doubt that Steel Panther does not care if the off-color offends. To many people, that's one of the things fans find refreshing about the Steel Panther. You always know where you stand with them.

Speaking of the fans, no Steel Panther shows are ever complete without inviting all of the women in the audience onto the stage for the traditional performance of "17 Girls in a Row," where everyone dances to the song, and compliments are thrown about like water. Make no mistake, Steel Panther is for the fans. Before and after this song, throughout every show, front-man Michael Starr and guitarist Satchel share almost constant banter with each other and with the audience, making a live performance something a recorded album can never fully replace. Paired with the exceptional musical skills of Starr (who used to front a Van Halen tribute band and has amazing vocal range) and mind-melting guitar skills of Satchel that can only be fully appreciated live, fans will see Steel Panther over and over again, for the experience. Stix, the long-time drummer, also rolls with the jokes and keeps the band flowing seamlessly.

As Steel Panther continues to search for a new, permanent bass player, you'll find this tour has a rotation of talented musicians filling in. The sound was strong and consistent throughout the night and showed the songs wouldn't suffer in their search to re-complete their lineup.

After the past 2 (plus) years of so many live performances being on hold, having live music back is like a breath of fresh air. Songs like Steel Panther's "Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World" (also performed in this set) take on new meaning when you get a reminder that we never know what tomorrow holds. If you want to let go and see a show that feels like a wild, end-of-the-world party, Steel Panther may just be the show for you.

Steel Panther Gallery - All photos by Michelle Waters

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