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Tremonti Debuts Heavy Third Single Ahead Of 5th Album

Mark Tremonti has been holding back a little bit it seems, as we listen to this filthy opening track off Tremonti’s upcoming 5th studio album. Opening the song with thundering drums and leading into a fury of mind -melting riffs, “A World Away” feels as if it’s self aware and about to consume the world like a T-800 when SkyNet goes live (Terminator reference for you nerds like me). That’s like saying “I’ll be back” not knowing damn well that this song may take you on a journey in which you may not return from in one piece.

Putting on full display the power of his band, Tremonti seemingly and seamlessly orchestrated this song to work for each spot in the band to shine individually and collectively. Friedman can be heard harmonizing beautifully and playing right on time with Mark. Tanner Keegan can be felt from a distance away on bass with his deep licks and Ryan probably had to buy another kit after recording this one in the studio. The song is polished off with a full throttled solo and drum outro unlike anything we’ve heard from the band.

One thing is for damn certain, September 24th when this record ‘Marching In Time’ releases, Tremonti will set records for fastest outbreak of permanent neck damage across the globe by the amount of fans headbanging to it. Make sure you show the band some love and pre-order this massive record!

Check out today's full press release below:

(New York, NY) – With the excitement for the new album increasing and as the band gets ready to hit the road in support of the new album Marching In Time, Tremonti has released a live music video for the crushing album opener. The live video version of “A World Away” opens with a musical intro before switching into the driving metal riff that kicks off the upcoming album. The video was recorded live in Orlando, FL and features live vocals and instrumentation that gives fans a taste of what they can expect when Tremonti heads out on tour. The live video for “A World Away” can be seen here: Marching In Time is scheduled for global release on September 24th via Napalm Records and fans that pre-order the album digitally will receive instant downloads of “A World Away,” “Marching In Time” and “If Not For You.” Marching In Time is now available for pre-order here: Mark Tremonti is no stranger to storytelling. Throughout his years with top-charting bands Alter Bridge and Creed, and most recently his solo band, Mark has never strayed from his love of writing memorable songs. With the upcoming fifth album, Marching In Time, the band looks to continue this trend while exploring their love for heavy music, drawing from current events from the last year to form the basis of each song. While its predecessor, A Dying Machine, was an overall concept album seeped in darker sentiments and story, the vibe of Marching In Time is different – emerging as a charging rock/metal offering that takes the listener on 12 individual journeys. From the driving drum beat of opener “A World Away” to the epic closer “Marching In Time,” the new album is a reflective look at the world around us today. Tremonti’s unmatched musicianship bleeds through the album, showcased on tracks like “Thrown Further,” “In One Piece” and the thought provoking “Would You Kill.” Alternatively, the band displays their softer side on pensive tracks “The Last One Of Us” and “Not Afraid to Lose.” The debut single “If Not For You” shows the evolution of the band’s sound in 2021 and the music video is a frenetic, high-energy performance video that visually compliments the single that is currently impacting radio. The music video can be seen here: The album closer “Marching In Time” clocks in at 7:34 and a recently released music video for the epic can be seen here: In Time was produced longtime friend and collaborator Michael “Elvis” Baskette – the producer Mark has worked with exclusively since 2007.

The track listing for Marching In Time is:

1. A World Away 2. Now And Forever 3. If Not For You 4. Thrown Further 5. Let That Be Us 6. The Last One Of Us

7. In One Piece 8. Under The Sun 9. Not Afraid To Lose 10. Bleak 11. Would You Kill 12. Marching In Time

Marching In Time will be available in the following formats*: -CD Digipak -Digital Album -2LP Gatefold Black -2LP Gatefold Marbled White / Black + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500) -2LP Gatefold Sun Yellow + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500) -2LP Gatefold Crystal Clear + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500) -2LP Gatefold Pink Transparent (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500) -Die-Hard Edition: 2LP Marble Transparent Black + Guitar Pick + Print (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500) -Deluxe Box: Flag, Wristband & More! (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500) *Additional formats will be available via individual retailers.


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